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Activities of the Explorers Clubs

  • Intensive drills, participating in national and community parades ( e.g. Independence Anniversary Parade; to build discipline, learn to follow-orders, develop camaraderie, socialize, etc.)

  • Church attendance

  • Education development; homework assistance

  • Counseling; guest speakers (character -building activities)

  • Feld trips

  • Socializing activities

  • Camping programmes (Summer, Easter, holidays, weekends)

  • Sporting events; indoor games

  • Gardening

  • Other after-school programmes; including, drumming and music

  • Junior Achievers (coordinated by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce)


To facilitate the varied activities, plans are moving ahead for the construction of the Mol Phil Explorers Campsite Buildings during 2019 to serve as the Explorers Headquarters and to provide a venue for the retreat of Explorers Clubs on an on-going basis; to provide a venue where clubs can assemble and engage in developmental activities throughout the year.

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