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General Objectives

The General Objectives that have been established for the formation of the EXPLORERS Community Youth Clubs are to:


  1. Develop a programme to foster positive attitudes in the youths of a caring community.

  2. Offer solutions to the many problems and issues faced by the youths in the community.

  3. Create a positive programme focusing on discipline and good work ethics through mentorship paring and partnering.

  4. Instill the law of respect:  (a). Respect for self;   (b. Respect for others;   (c) Respect for property of self and others.

  5. Create a brothers' keepers programme which will equally look out for the weak as well as the strong.

  6. Encourage positive self awareness, good hygienic practices and a system of recognition for those who display positive attitudes towards others.

  7. Involve parents of the youths in the policing of the club's objectives.

  8. Enlighten the youths on personal rewards they can receive from volunteering in programmes for the betterment of their community.

  9. Teach the youths at an early age to put themselves in the shoes of others and gain understanding of another person’s situation.

  10. Teach the youths how to use electronic tools and the internet in a positive way.

  11. Provide FOOD FOR THOUGHT/ SLOGANS:  Guns don’t heal they hurt; drugs can kill you just like guns; gangs steal your minds just like drugs and guns. They are the three rough riders.  Be aware.

  12.  Make their community the number one giving community in our federation.  The children will share what they have with those who need it most.

  13. Promote the physical well being of individuals in the community by inclusion of all.

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